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On The Spot Service

Stop struggling with that cracked front screen, weak battery or inability ro charge your device and bring it into our Philadelphia store today for on-the-spot repair of all the most common issues.

Full Warranty

We understand you need to make sure your iPhone gets only the best care, that’s why our extensively trained technicians back up all their work and parts with a solid sixty day warranty. You can rest assured we stand behind all the work we do on a daily basis.

High Quality Parts

We treat your device like it’s our own and only use the highest quality components – whether it be LCD replacement screens, batteries or even small components like speaker phones – we use the best on the market so you can rest assured knowing nothing else will go wrong.

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Philly Phone Repair Professionals

We’re proud to offer the most convenient, affordable and effortless iPhone and iPad repair service in Philadelphia! Whether you’ve cracked your iPhone screen and need it fixed ASAP or have an random issue bothering you such as a dead speaker phone, we’ve likely fixed it before and can get your issue sorted either same day or within 24 hours.

We have several technicians on staff throughout the day who can diagnose your iPhone free of charge and let you know what steps we’d take to fix it. We have many customers who come in with unresponsive devices and it may take some trial and error to locate what the exact problem is. For example, if your iPhone won’t turn on, it could be several issues. From a dead battery to an defective charging port and even an internally broken LCD/digitizer.

Poor Battery Life

Older iPhone’s mostly suffer from this issue due largely due to wear and tear. The regular lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan of about a year before performance starts to falter and before you know it, your chasing around charging cables and you can’t go through the day without the red battery bar, swapping out your battery for a new one is probably the best course of action. iPhone 4 and 5 batteries can be replaced within the hour and our prices are quite competitive and reasonably priced.

iPhone Screen Repair

By far one of our most common repairs is from people who drop their iPhone, crack the screen and need it fixed so they can get on with their day. We have several technicians in our shop each day and can handle a high volume of customers with broken screens and turn them around within 60 minutes. An important aspect of this repair to note is that even if you have an aesthetic crack but your touch functionality still works the entire front LCD and glass display will have to be replaced. There is no way to 100% safely replace the glass overlay without breaking the LCD underneath at this time, so the prices only vary depending on which model needs to be repaired. In certain circumstances, if your phone has been treated a bit rough and the frame is bent it may take a bit longer to straighten it out so the LCD sits flush with the rest of the iPhone.

We’ve also had customers that can see their display, and hear their  but have lost touch functionality. This is a common problem that arises if you drop your phone and break the interior connection between the logic board and front display. This can be frustrating but bringing it into our shop as soon as you want it repaired is your best bet. We can get it in the queue and turn it around with a brand new OEM replacement screen in less than one hours.

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